2017 Chase for the Cup: David Bellomo

Part Two in our coverage of the Chase for the Cup keeps us in the state of Virginia and brings us to David Bellomo, hailing from Chantilly. Bellomo is currently 6th in points and pilots a 1JZ-powered 1996 Nissan 240SX coupe featuring Cosmis Racing Wheels and Voodoo13 components. Bellomo currently has 178 points, putting him 98 points behind the leader, Kenric Meyer, with 276 points.

The current standings are as follows:

1.  Kenric Meyer (276 points)
2.  Noah Michaels (243 points)
T-3.  Phil Oddo (228 points)
T-3.  Ben Williams (228 points)
5.  Mike Perez (184 points)
6.  David Bellomo (178 points)
7.  Kyle Wood (176 points)

If Bellomo qualifies first and wins the event, he would end up with 294 points. Bellomo is in a similar situation as Wood, being only 2 points ahead of him. As a result, Bellomo will be statistically eliminated if Meyer qualifies (Meyer would earn 1 point for qualifying 16th and earn another 21 points for going out in the Top 16, resulting in 298 points for the season). If Meyer fails to qualify (which has yet to happen this season) he would remain at 276 points. Bellomo would then need to qualify and win the event (279 points, 3 points more than Meyer) or qualify 8th and finish second or better (277 points, 1 point more than Meyer).

Noah Michaels would need to qualify 13th or better and make it past the first round to the Top 8 (295 points) or qualify 8th and finish 9th or better (295 points) in order to eliminate Bellomo. If both the Meyer and Michaels scenarios don’t eliminate Bellomo, he would still be eliminated if Phil Oddo or Ben Williams (both tied for third) qualify and finish 5th or better (295 points) or qualify 4th and finish 7th or better (295 points).

Considering all the what-if’s that would need to take place among just the top 3, and the fact that all 3 of them haven’t placed at an event worse than 8th place this year, it is highly unlikely that Bellomo will win the championship this season.

Summary: Bellomo needs Meyer to not qualify, Michaels to not qualify higher than 14th and be eliminated in the Top 16, and Oddo or Williams to not finish higher than 8th.

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