2017 Chase for the Cup: Kenric Meyer

The last installment of our 2017 Chase for the Cup takes us to Jamison, PA for our current points leader, Kenric Meyer. Meyer pilots the LQ9-powered 1995 BC Racing BMW M3 featuring Achilles Radial tires and Cosmis Racing Wheels. For Meyer, the championship is his to lose. Entering the last and final round, he currently has a 33 point lead. 

The current standings are as follows: 

1.  Kenric Meyer (276 points)
2.  Noah Michaels (243 points)
T-3.  Phil Oddo (228 points)
T-3.  Ben Williams (228 points)
5.  Mike Perez (184 points)
6.  David Bellomo (178 points)
7.  Kyle Wood (176 points)

The scenario for Meyer is pretty straightforward, don’t screw up. If Meyer qualifies, Wood and Bellomo will be eliminated and if Meyer makes it to the Top 8, he eliminates Perez as well. From there, if Meyer makes it to the Top 4, he can eliminate both Oddo and Williams. Michaels is a little bit more complex. Depending on where Meyer qualifies and whether or not he makes it to the Top 4, it might not even affect his chance if Michaels qualifies first and wins the event.

A failure to qualify or an early exit from Meyer opens up a world of opportunities for several of the other drivers to take the championship from Meyer. Should a tie occur, since Michaels and Bellomo are the only two drivers currently in the chase that have wins this season (1 win each, Hofmann has the other win), they own the first tie breaker over the other drivers should there be one. Next would be Meyer, who owns the second tie breaker based on the most qualifying points (47 points), followed by Williams (37 points), and Michaels (36 points).

Summary: Meyer needs to finish in the Top 4 ahead of Michaels and the championship is his. If Meyer qualifies ahead of Michaels, he might even be able to do it earlier.

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