Kenda Tire Racer Support Program

Kenda Tire has partnered with USDrift for the last couple of years and is continuing to offer their Racer Support Program for USDrift participants. Details of their program are below:

Kenda Tire will Provide:

  • Opportunity to purchase Kenda Ultra High Performance Tires at a greatly reduced price (KR20 and KR20A)

Driver Requirements:

  • Tires must be used only by driver or the team and may not be resold or purchased for others

How to Enroll:

This program is setup between yourself and Kenda Tire. Laura at Kenda Tire is offering a great opportunity for USDrift drivers by setting this up, so please do not misrepresent yourself or us when dealing with her. You may fill out the Kenda Tire RSP and submit it to Laura at lgarcia[at]

For more information on Kenda Tire and their products, please visit them online.