Ksport USA Contingency Program

USDrift is pleased to announce that Ksport USA has returned with their 2017 contingency program. Ksport has always been a company committed to supporting entry level motorsports and this year they are offering cash prizes. Details of their program are below:

Ksport USA will Award:

  • Drivers who register in the Ksport USA Contingency Program and compete in the 2017 USDrift PRO/AM Series are eligible for the following contingency payouts for the 2017 season:
    • Individual Events
      • 1st Place  $350.00 cash
      • 2nd Place $150.00 cash
      • 3rd Place  $50.00 cash
    • Overall Season
      • 1st Place  $1000.00 cash
      • 2nd Place $500.00 cash
      • 3rd Place  $100.00 cash

Driver Requirements:

  • Must complete and submit the Ksport USA Contingency Registration Form to Ksport USA prior to participation in the first event.
  • Ksport product use (coilover suspension or brakes) is required to participate in the program. NOTE: In order to be eligible, no competing suspension or brake manufacturer decals are allowed on the participating vehicles.
  • You must pre-register to be eligible for this program.
  • Once registered, if you place in the top three (3) for either an individual event and/or the overall season must complete and submit the Ksport USA Contingency Winnings Form to Ksport USA for payment.

How to Enroll:

This program is setup between yourself and Ksport USA. Rebecca at Ksport USA is offering a great opportunity for USDrift drivers by setting this up, so please do not misrepresent yourself or us when dealing with her. You may submit your Ksport USA Contingency Registration and Winnings Forms to Rebecca at sponsorships[at]ksportusa.com.