USD PRO/AM RD2 & Swing Set Matsuri Matinee



USDrift and Swing Set are combining forces and bringing you two days of drifting and a movie at Shenandoah Speedway. This event will kick off Friday afternoon for an open track day that runs under the lights and then ends with a showing of The Fast and the Furious. Saturday will offer non-stop drifting alternating between open and competition sessions that will end with a huge open session under the lights for everyone. This event is open to drivers of all skill levels.

Admission tickets for spectators or additional crew members may be purchased in advance online for $10/Friday, $15/Saturday, or $25/both days; or at the front gate for $15/Friday, $20/Saturday, or $30/both days. Kids 12 and under are free with a paid adult admission. Parking is free.

Ride-along wristbands will be available at this event. Passengers must be 18 years of age or older and bring a valid state or government issued photo ID. Passengers will need to verify with the driver(s) they are planning to ride with**. Attire for ride-alongs must be long pants and closed toed shoes (no sandals, flip flops, or similar footwear is permitted). If you have your own helmet, you are welcome to wear it provided it is rated Snell M2010 or newer. If you do not have a helmet, we may have a limited number of loaner helmets available onsite for you to use. The ride-along wristbands are valid for the entirety of the event. **NOTE: Please ensure you have verified with a driver in advance that they are willing to allow passengers. A ride-along pass does not guarantee a ride-along.

SCHEDULE (tenative):
2:00PM | Driver Load-in
3;00PM | Technical Inspections
4:00PM | Gates Open [Spectators]
4:00PM | Media Meeting
4:15PM | Driver Meeting
4:30PM | Swing Set x USDrift Drifting
10:00PM | Drifting Ends
10:30PM | The Fast and The Furious Movie Starts
12:30AM | Gates Close [Spectators]
8:00AM | Driver Load-In and Gates Open [Spectators]
8:30AM | Technical Inspections
9:30AM | Media Meeting
9:45AM | Driver Meeting
10:00AM | 
USDrift Practice
1:00PM | Swing Set Drifting
4:00PM | USDrift Qualifying & Top 16 Tandem Practice
5:30PM | USDrift Tandem Competition
7:00PM | USDrift Award Ceremony
7:00PM | Swing Set Drifting
10:00PM | Drifting Ends
10:30PM | Gates Close [Spectators]

Eligible participants must be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent*) and posess a valid state or government issued photo ID. Each paid driver registration includes 2 gate admissions; 1 for the driver and 1 for a crew member. Basic technical requirements are similar to an auto-x, which you can reference here. More advanced drivers who plan to run tandem will need to check the USDrift Competition Rules & Regulations (CRR) for additional safety requirments which can be found on the USDrift website at Please ensure your car will pass the technical inspection. If your car does not pass the technical inspection, it will not be allowed on track and no refund will be given. Should you have any additional questions regarding tech, please contact
*NOTE: A minor release form must be filled out and be on file with USD at every event for 16 and 17 year old participants. All minor participants should have at least one parent or legal guardian present at all times.

Media individuals must be at least 18 years old and posess a valid state or government issued photo ID. There is a media opton in the ticketing section for this event for media to apply. Media can check in during either of two media meetings in order to receive their credentials. Please bring a valid state or government issued ID with you to the media meeting in order to check out a USDrift issued media vest. NOTE: Only USDrift issued media vests will be allowed in Hot Areas on track.

Vendor booths are available for 10’x’10’ and 10’x20′ sizes on ticketing section of the event page on Eventbrite. If you would like an alternate size, please email us at

There will be a variety of food trucks onsite for this event. We will update the list as the event nears.

We will be showing ‘The Fast and the Furious’ at 10:30PM Friday night on a big screen allowing people to sit and watch from the grandstands.

Camping is available for all participants and their crew for this event. In additon, limited camping (only 200 spots) will be available for spectators for $5 extra (see ticketing options). Camping is only permitted in designated locations. Restroom facilities are available at the venue. NOTE: Campfires/ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained off the ground fire pit. Campers must bring their own firewood.

Motel 6 Harrisonburg
10 Linda Lane
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Best Western Harrisonburg Inn
45 Burgess Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Quality Inn Harrisonburg
1881 Evelyn Byrd Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Hotel Harrisonburg
1400 East Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Comfort Inn
1440 East Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Econo Lodge
1703 East Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

TIRE CHANGER: There will be a tire changer onsite, the cost is $5/tire and you must take your used tires with you.
PETS: Most tracks discourage bringing pets to the track. However, pets are allowed if they are leashed and cleaned up behind. Failure to do so will result in the owner and pet being asked to leave the venue. Do not take leashed pets into any buildings, false grids, pit areas, or hot areas of the track. Please do not leave pets in vehicles unattended.
ALCOHOL: The consumption of alcohol is prohibited by any participant until all of the participant’s on-track activity is completed for the day.
FIREWORKS & FIREARMS: No fireworks or firearms shall be displayed or discharged at the Shenandoah Speedway.
PARKING: All vehicles and trailers shall park only in areas designated by the event staff. Please do not block gates, garage doors, or roadways at any time. All risks of vehicle or contents damage or theft remain with vehicles’ owners, drivers, riders and passengers.
ASPHALT: Pounding stakes or making holes in any asphalt surface or the use of paint or spray markings of any type on any asphalt surface is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected from the event. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands. No exceptions. Violators are subject to a $500 fee per damaged/marked area.
CAMPFIRES: Campfires/ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained fire pit off the ground. Campers must bring their own firewood. Open fires of any type are not permitted in a paddock area at any time.
TRASH DISPOSAL: Trash barrels are located throughout the facility. Please assist us in keeping the facility clean by using these barrels. Tires, used oil, vehicle parts, and vehicle batteries are not to be disposed of on the facility. Please take them with you when you leave. If there is a fluid spill on the facility, please notify a staff member.
SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Participants are responsible for having and utilizing adequate vehicle and personal safety equipment. All vehicle, driver and passenger safety equipment shall be customary to motorsports racing industry and as required by applicable motor sports sanctioning bodies. Said equipment must be in full and effective use at all times a vehicle is on track.
VEHICLE CONDITION: Participants are responsible for their vehicle to be in safe and good working order at all times, suitable for on-track activity. Please do not allow any fluids to drip onto the track surface. Turn off the vehicle’s air conditioner if so equipped.
RIGHT OF WAY: Drivers of any non-racing vehicles will yield the right of way to any race vehicle at all times. Due to the constraints of safety equipment and vehicle design, drivers of racing vehicles may have limited visibility or mobility while operating their vehicle. Operators of racing vehicles must still obey posted speed limits and any other traffic control devices to include instruction from security personnel.
SMOKING: Smoking in any building is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Please place all extinguished cigarettes in the receptacles provided. Smoking is not permitted in any hot areas of the track, pit lane, or when refueling is present.
SPEED LIMITS: Keep all track vehicles to a speed of 10 MPH or less when not on the racetrack surface. This includes the hot pit area. When exiting the track lot, please pay attention to any other vehicles that may be entering the track as we are using the same entrance/exit for all participant vehicles at this event.
HOTPIT: No Spectators, Bikes, Golf carts, or Scooters are allowed in the hot pit. Only staff members are allowed in the hot pit.
GOLF CARTS & SCOOTERS: All golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 7 MPH and may only be operated by an adult (18+). No minors are permitted to operate golf carts, scooters, or pit vehicles.
LOOK TWICE: Be on the lookout while in the pit and paddock area – moving vehicles and pedestrians are everywhere. You are responsible for the safety of pedestrians, your safety, and the safety of minors accompanying you.
SAFETY EQUIPMENT: You must wear an approved helmet, closed toed shoes, long pants, OR an approved race suit, gloves, and shoes depending on the event.

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