Voodoo13 USA is Back for 2017 Season

Voodoo13 USA is a MIL-SPEC parts manufacturer, Made in the USA, suspension for street, drift, and road racing. The evolution of motorsports has created more horsepower, faster speeds and technology that will not stop. Progression is inevitable. Military Spec AKA “MIL-SPEC” is a standard used by the Department of Defense. Machinery, weapons and tactical equipment are now expected and demanded to deliver at this level. Made in USA has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Combining elements of modern requirements in the motorsport world, MIL-SPEC standards and manufactured in the USA we present to you; Voodoo 13

Voodoo13 focuses on suspension components of the highest quality, developed on the race tracks and drift courses across the globe using the feedback of top tier drivers and technical directors. Voodoo13 products are developed and manufactured with components of the highest quality in Mesa, Arizona. Their product will feature something more than what exists on race vehicles today.

In addition, Voodoo13 is continuing to offer a Contingency Award program.

For more information on Voodoo13 USA and their products, please visit them online.