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Cosmis Racing Wheels has renewed their partnership with USDrift and is continuing to offer their Racer Support Program for USDrift participants. Details of their program are below:

Cosmis Racing Wheels will Provide:

  • Discount on all wheel options

  • Free shipping within the continental United States

Driver Requirements:

  • Registered for a minimum of two (2) USDrift events in 2018

  • Submit high resolution photos and/or video of Cosmis Racing Wheels product on vehicle to

  • Include Cosmis Racing Wheels account and/or hashtags on social media posts that display vehicle equipped with Cosmis Racing Wheels product

  • Include Cosmis Racing Wheels branding on press releases, websites, and media releases as a sponsor

How to Enroll:

This program is setup between yourself and Cosmis Racing Wheels. Billy at Cosmis Racing Wheels is offering a great opportunity for USDrift drivers by setting this up, so please do not misrepresent yourself or us when dealing with him. You may contact Billy at sponsorship[at] If you do not have a deck (sponsor proposal) already prepared; be sure to include your name, contact information, vehicle information, and photos/videos of your vehicle and you driving at USDrift events.

NOTE: If you are new to USDrift, just cc us (info[at] on the email and be sure to include pictures of your vehicle and which events you plan to drive at. We don’t want you to have to wait to attend two events in order to take advantage of this great deal, but the program is contingent on everyone being a USDrift participant.

For more information on Cosmis Racing Wheels and their products, please visit them online.

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