We currently have USDrift Chapters in the following regions: Mid-Atlantic, Nevada, Mid-West, Texas, California, and South Dakota.

The program we have set up is to create chapters that are self sufficient, meaning you will run your own program. This goes from event rental, contracts, advertising, staffing, etc…, this also means all the profit (or even losses) you may encounter are yours. In exchange, you will promote USDrift professionally and truthfully, as well as follow our guidelines and rules. Our goal is to have chapters set up across the country that will follow the same basic guidelines, so that a driver may go to a USDrift chapter anywhere in North America and experience the same fun and enjoyment at any event.

If you’re highly motivated and think this is something you’re interested in becoming a part of, drop us a line at info[at] and we would be more than happy to discuss opportunities with you.