USDrift events are generally either open track days and/or competition events. Eligible participants must be at least 18 years old (16-17 years old with parental consent*) and posess a state or government issued photo identification card. All events are rain or shine.


USDrift open track day events are designed for drivers of all skill levels, and as such, are great opportunities for newer or less experienced drivers to watch and learn from more experienced drivers. Open track day events offer a laid back atmosphere and usually take place in either large parking lots or on race tracks. The day consists of registration/check-in, technical inspection, driver meeting, and drifting. Drivers are placed into 1 of 3 different groups based on skill level (novice, intermediate, and advanced).

This format helps allow the advanced drivers to assist the other driver groups by offering instruction, riding with the driver and giving in-car advice, or taking drivers for rides and demonstrating. Most events offer 8 hours of actual on-track time; however depending on the situation, events may be slightly shorter or longer (the event schedule will always be included in the event description).


USDrift competition events are designed for intermediate to advanced drivers and generally take place over the course of one day. The exception to this rule is select, high profile events where we may partner with other automotive organizations such as the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Championship events, in which our events may take place over 2-3 days. Participants that would like to compete in the USDrift PRO/AM Series must not have finished the previous season of Formula DRIFT in the Top 32 of the PRO series (NOTE: PRO2 drivers are eligible to compete). For a full, detailed explanation of eligibility requirements, please refer to the current USDrift Rulebook found on this website. Each USDrift competition event will generally contain registration/check-in, technical inspection, driver’s meeting, practice, qualifying, and tandem competition. Competitors (and their guests) are expected to act as professional as possible at these events. While we all like to have fun, competition events are designed to provide a serious competition environment for drivers, as well as serve as a stepping stone or proving ground for drivers looking to advance and compete at a professional level (i.e. Formula DRIFT).

With that said, we still plan on having fun at each and every one of these events; before, during, and after. We hope to see you there! – USD